my games

a collection of games and prototypes that I've created over the years, using a variety of engines including: Unity, Unreal Engine 4 & 5, and GameMaker. some of these projects may be revisited and continued in the future, but currently there are no playable releases, only the screenshots and videos that you see here.

FPS Prototype (2017 - ???)

an FPS prototype starting all the way back in 2017. i spent some time working on it on and off for years, making everything from scratch. it was a lot of work, and i hope to revisit it one day. the following videos and screenshots contain majority placeholder content.

Twin Stick Shooter (2023 - ???)

a re-do of a small prototype I made in unreal engine 4 for college in 2015. it was originally made for a project to display the accessability of modern game engines for a consumer electronics class, but I decided to remake and expand upon it in 2023.

and here is the version from 2015:

2D Platformer (2021 - ???)

my attempt at making a "smaller scope" game in a shorter amount of time, while also re-learning game maker in the process. i hadn't used game maker since i was a kid, so i wanted to explore game maker 2 and GML (game maker language). i particularly enjoyed creating the music and sound for this one.

UE5 Backrooms (2022)

just toying around with ue5's new lumen features by seeing how quickly i could whip up a decent looking backrooms environment. it took a couple of hours, and all lights are coming from emissive light textures. no actual light objects are used here. instered art for funsies by nymphyto and babanasaur.

UE4 Side Scrolling RPG (2016)

toying around with unreal flipbook, i threw together a 2D sidescrolling "undertale-like" to see if I could recreate the mechanics in blueprint, with some twists (e.g. you would dash to move your battle sprite, inspired by "DASH-DA-DASH DX").

Ball Platformer (2016)

an old unity prototype where I attempted to make a sonic style side scrolling momentum preserving platformer

Zap Ball (2017)

my first (and only) released game to date. a mobile arcade score attack game with a fully voiced announcer (voice by yours truly) and an original soundtrack (also by yours truly). like plinko, balls fall from the top of the screen down a series of pegs.

the player has to tap to select as many balls on screen as possible, and then zap as many at the same time as they can before any reach the bottom. the bigger the group of balls the player zaps, the more points they get. the speed increases as time goes on.

Construct 2 Games (2012)

three old games made in construct 2 towards the end of high school, a vertical shmup, twin stick shooter, and an early prototype version of Zap Ball (2017)

Source Engine (2008 - 2011)

in my middle school and high school years, I used to work on various source engine projects. custom half life 2 single player maps, counter strike maps, garry's mod maps, and a few mods. the surviving photos and videos are not all encompassing, and I still have a lot of map files that I am going to attempt to restore and archive in the future.

below is one of the first ever custom portal 2 test chambers ever made. i started making it a few days after Portal 2 first released, prior to the official SDK's release. instead, i used the alien swarm sdk and brute forced my way through with data-mined entity names from the game itself.

a later and more polished attempt at a portal 2 map once the SDK had officially released.

Misc. Screenshots