May 18, 2024 // the inagural blog post. new music, first release in over a year!

hey y'all! it's finally time, sharp caustics is out now on YouTube and Bandcamp. i've already gotten a wonderful positive response from various people, and that means a lot. thank you so much for listening!

on a much more important note, i have a blog now. you're actually reading it right now!!! wow... technology. while we're on the subject, check out this very nice image that I photoshoped for the home page blog link.

a stock photo of a fountain pen writing on paper, with bright orange flames trailing behind it

that's just a taste of the excellent content you can come to expect of my blog here on pivot dot gay.

and with that, i'll leave you with an embed of the first song of my new EP, because I can just do that here. have a good day or night, wherever you are <3